Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our dossier is still waiting to be submitted.  We were told October, but it is nearing the end, and I am not optimistic about the upcoming week.  Anyways, here is the news that I had to dig around for:  

 October 23, 2008-Unused Quotas

On another note....we just go back from a wonderful weekend in Chicago visiting with Kitty and Beau.  We drove there with Billy's mom, dad and their dog Evee.  On Friday, we were able to make it to my favorite cafe, Julius Meinl, as well as enjoy the day at the Field Museum.  We spent that evening with Beau's mom eating out at a Cuban restaurant.  Yum.  On Saturday, we had a really great day at the Mexican museum (Day of the Dead exhibit) followed by an evening of drinks at a bar and then a play at a neighborhood theatre.  I loved the bar. Inside, it was very dark with white candles that smell like magnolias maybe, crystal chandeliers barely lit,  pale blue painted walls, tall heavy blue drapes and high-backed "Alice in Wonderland" leather chairs.  It is a throwback to a "speakeasy".   There is no sign out front, and if you don't go early enough, you will have to wait to get in.  It's in the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood.