sooner than later?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A family from AAI, our adoption agency, received word this morning that their appointment date is March 25.  They were submitted just last week on March 2!  That is amazing news, and I couldn't be happier for them.  However, my stomach is in knots. 

Our paperwork is going to be submitted on Monday (please pray all goes well), and if we follow their timeline, we will be in Ukraine by Easter.  Great news, but we all of a sudden feel so unprepared, almost as if we have been moving along in this process as if it was never really going to happen.  I have been so content following the blogs of all the other families adopting from Ukraine, and mentally preparing myself to travel in May or June.  Now, we may be back home by the end of May!

Oh...Billy just reminded me that we have two David Sedaris tickets for April 21st.  He'll be at the Detroit Opera House if anyone is interested....that is if we are not here.

I must remain realistic here.  There are a host of potential problems (this is international adoption after all!)  that could delay our trip further.  But, now we must be prepared sooner than anticipated!