two trips

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We originally booked our flight coming home on May 19th.  Well, today after talking with HR, we have decided that financially it makes more sense to come home during the two week wait time, rather than stay in-country.  Emotionally, this is not the way I'd like it to be. I am trying to talk Bill into agreeing with me that I should stay in Ukraine while he comes back to work, but he is concerned about leaving me alone.  

We are making the best out of this situation.  We figure we can wait to complete the painting and decorating of the bedroom(s) during the time we come home, we can pack lighter, and we can take clothes for the child(ren) back with us.  It is a little less stress on us as we prepare to leave next week.

We were able to change our return flight with no problems.  Northwest/KLM has been very good to us, and especially patient with me.  (I get nervous flying and was adamant with the representative that we must be on the largest plane!)

One last thing for those of you that our preparing to travel soon...both of our banks have been giving us problems in regards to the new $100 bills.  TCF told us no way, they only have old bills, and my credit union is calling us back tomorrow.  They think they may have them, but scattered throughout the other branches.  If that is the case, we will need to go to all the different branches next week to get them.  Both banks said that the larger banks like Comerica or Bank of America would likely have them.