it pays to call

Friday, January 30, 2009

After paying $90 to have my marriage certificates expedited to me, and still waiting for them a week later, I decided to call VitalChek.  Well, turns out they were never sent, and they could not tell me why.  So, I canceled the order and called Macomb County.  I feel so stupid, but I can get an original copy from them for $10, and each extra is $3. I had no idea!  So, I drove over there and had them in no time.  $90 vs. $16?  Wow.  Anyway, it was nice to see Paul.  He met me down in the clerk's office, and then we went upstairs walked through the courtroom, and he showed me his office.  It reminds me of Papa's office, kind of dull and gray.  They could both use a decorator. :)  

Yesterday I called the Michigan State Police to find out where my fingerprints are.  They should have been here by now, too.  Well, there was a problem when they were scanned...not scanned well.  Anyway, that caused a delay, and now we are set to go.   They should be arriving today or tomorrow as they were sent out on Wednesday.

On top of that, we were sent new documents to fill out, notarize and apostile!  By next week, the paperwork will be done, and hopefully we will be registered.