Friday, January 23, 2009

On Tuesday the 20th, we had great news.  Our facilitator took our dossier to the SDA to register it in their system!!  However, it was rejected because most of the paperwork would expire in JUNE.  So, we have had to update every single document.  We were at the police station that night until 9:00 being fingerprinted , and every morning and afternoon since then, I have been frantically rushing around having blood drawn, sitting at doctor's appointments, trying to find a CPA that would sign their name to the most peculiar letter,  picking up documents,  and having them notarized.  I am mentally exhausted.  If I was working full-time, I don't know how we could get it all done.  It would take weeks.  The good news is, that all documents are accounted for.  I am waiting for the state to send our clearance letter and marriage certificates.  

I am beginning to worry about our UCIS paperwork, so I am going to check to see how good those fingerprints are good for.  We had those taken last spring.  

So, now I see can see why this can be such a frustrating process.