Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I know it is late for a work night.  However, with tomorrow (today!) being inauguration day, I thought I would try to come up with some ideas/lessons.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!!  I think the kids will be excited about all the fuss.  Hopefully they replay Barack Obama's address in the afternoon because I'd like the kids to watch it. 

Please pray for Billy tomorrow.  He is meeting with the superintendent as part of our data team.  He is sleeping now, but he was nervous earlier.

We received word that the SDA would begin registering dossiers today, January 20.  I was very excited to hear this news.  What is even better is that our facilitator told us that ours will be among the first to be submitted because we have all of our paperwork updated.  Yeah!

However, I am remaining realistic.  We know that things can change at a moments notice.

In the meantime, we filed a complaint with the Macomb County Sheriff's Dept. today in regards to our ROCK TOPS debacle.  The officer told us that it looks as though it will be a criminal case. That is good because then we just become part of a class action lawsuit.  If it is does remain a civil case, however, we will not pursue it any further. We would end up having to hire a lawyer and paying more in legal fees that what we lost in the countertop.   Regardless of what happens, I doubt we will ever see any of our money.

Please pray that all goes well with our dossier.