Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last night we had a "mandatory" meeting with our adoption agency.  To back track a little....we received a letter in January from the chairman stating that "A perfect storm has hit the adoption industry".  Basically it stated that international wait times have dramatically increased, there has been a significant drop in the number of people signing up for international adoption, and there has also been a significant drop in the number of birth mothers giving their children up for adoption. We knew before we left the house that the news we were going to hear was not going to be good.  It turns out that if current parents do not contribute a pre-determined amount of money, the adoption agency will have to close.  The amount they are asking for is not that great, so we have no problems sending them a check.  However, it is just one more obstacle.  Oh, and yesterday was the day our new granite countertops were to be installed.  Why weren't they? Because we orderd them from ROCK TOPS....yes, the same company that took peoples money and then closed their doors and fled town.  So, we are out that money, and still have the old countertops.

We chose to do some updates around the house, instead of going on our yearly February vacation to Mexico.  Lessons learned?  Always pay with a credit card and go on vacation.