travel conference

Monday, March 30, 2009

Today we had our travel conference by phone with our caseworker.  She gave us a general idea of what to expect while in-country, at the SDA, a timeline (approximate), and travel tips.  All good news, and no surprises.  I think we are almost as prepared as we are going to get.

The kids at school are so cute.  They are very excited, and are always asking questions.  Today they were asking me if we have chosen any names.  They all had advice when I told them we hadn't.  In fact, one of my boys wrote an alphabetical list of names.  On one side of the piece of paper was the list of names he liked, the other side had the list of names he didn't like. He thought this would be very helpful in our decision-making process!

I actually just came home from work.  I worked on finishing-up report cards and other things. It was therapeutic to be at school... a break from the adoption preparation, and the "tornado" that has hit the spare bedroom and the rest of the house.  Bill and I look at each other sometimes and have to stop ourselves from talking.  We have talked about everything that could possibly happen while in Ukraine dozens of times.  We have come up with numerous scenarios we may find ourselves in at the SDA or elsewhere.  Since last Tuesday, we have explained the adoption process more times that we can keep track of.  Family, friends, co-workers, the women who work at the Veterinarian's office....... We feel as though we cannot explain and talk about the next two months one more time.  We are emotionally drained. We just want to get there.  We are ready.