truly blessed

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We are truly blessed to have wonderful friends in our lives.  Tonight, Bev, Allison, Joan, Patty, Kristin and Marc took us to dinner to wish us well on our journey.  They also gave us gifts to "protect" us while traveling.  St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, and is often pictured with the Christ Child on his back.  Now, with heartfelt thanks, he will be with each of us throughout our journey. (He joins the St. Anthony my Kleine Oma gave me about 25 years ago, who travels with me on every trip.)

St. Christopher's feast day is May 9th, according to the Eastern Orthodox Church, also known as the Catholic Orthodox Church.  If we are in Ukraine, I hope we can make it to church on that day. 80% of Ukrainians are Eastern Orthodox, and I have been told that most children in the orphanages are baptized according to this faith.  I am glad for that, but will have the kid(s) baptized again once we are home.  

I also have to mention my wonderful teaching partner, Marilyn.  I am continually amazed with her gift of words.  She writes the most beautiful cards, and has the most true, genuine heart.  I look forward to seeing her each and every day.